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  • "For wherever two or more are gathered together in my name, I am there with them."
    Matthew 18:20
    When I originally designed this website it was to share my thoughts on being happy, as I searched out my own happiness. The more I searched and learned the more I realized that humans were designed with a void in their hearts. People try all sorts of things, usually bad and / or harmful, in order to fill this void but the truth is... God made us this way so that we would NEED Him because He designed us so that He would have someone to talk too. The more I sought to fill this void in my own heart, the more I tried to find my own happiness, the more I came to know Jesus and the more I realized that the only path to true happiness is to know Him.
    You see, I've come to understand that you simply will never be happy until you are. And the path to that feeling of happiness and completeness comes from a personal relationship with Jesus... For it is through Him that we have a relationship with our Creator. So join us in fellowship for Jesus truly is... The Good in Today!
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  • I thought about this section for awhile. I guess what I can say is... This is a place for worship, fellowship, and prayer with friends so don't be rude. Everyone is fighting their own individual battles so be nice! Use common sense. If I feel you're having a negative impact on our Community you will be removed and most likely banned. Treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself.